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It’s clearly apparent that Organised Crime is on the Increase.

Is your Plant & Machinery insured on the correct basis?

Are you Under Insured?

What would the consequences to your Business be if all your Plant was stolen of damaged

When was the last time you reviewed & completed an Inventory of plant based on up-to-date values?

Due to the fluctuation  in exchange rates.. plant and machinery have increased over 30% in  value over the last 4 years.

From speaking to New clients that have recently moved over to us from other Insurance provider.

I have heard some horrendous stories of clients being underinsured, and of Insurers refusing Insurance/reducing cover to Indemnity from New for Old. or even tripling renewal premiums.


How can we reduce the risk against a loss?       

Tractors, quad bikes, power tools, JCBs, loaders, Wood chippers  forklifts – have a vast array of items of value to attract a rising wave of criminals. Current estimates place the value of plant theft alone at £1 million each week*.

Historically manufacturers have not always fitted security devices to (plant). It is quite common to find a £60,000 excavator, without any form of reliable security, being left overnight on an open contract site! Equally, a significant amount of driven plant is not road registered and often manufacturer markings are either difficult to find or easy to remove. This means that, not only is it easy to steal high value items of driven plant, the lack of proper identification mean Police have little chance of accurately identifying rightful ownership should they suspect an item has been stolen.

Many of these items will be insured so it’s not necessarily the cost of the stolen property that is damaging. Quite often it’s the uninsured cost of downtime and idle crews, along with the effect of increased insurance premiums, that could have a serious effect on the profitability of some UK businesses.

There are a few simple measures that could make the lives of would-be criminals more difficult:

  • Mark all equipment, vehicles and machinery with an identification number or unique mark or Blue Water Easily, removable parts on equipment should also be marked.
  • Where possible and practical, disable the equipment by removing the distributor cap, rotor arm or battery or consider the use of immobilisers.
  • Ensure that gates are secured with robust padlocks or chains.
  • Consider the installation of CCTV cameras to deter thieves and provide copies of any filmed theft to the relevant police authorities.
  • Secure equipment with heavy chains and good quality locks. Either chain or lock items of equipment together. Individually chain chainsaws, brush cutters, Kombi systems and blowers as this not only makes the items more secure but also makes it easier for you to unlock that item
  • Put lockable caps on fuel outlets to prevent theft.
  • Advertise deterrents – put up warning signs to let potential thieves and trespassers know that there are watch dogs, alarms on the premises and identification marks have been made on all equipment.
  • Where possible, make use of sensor operated lighting on outbuildings or storage sheds.


  • If you would like to discuss either your current security arrangements or insurance please call 01604 492644.  

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