2018 Claims (that’s the year and not the number of claims we’ve had)

This was posted by on December 19th, 2018


I’ve just been looking at our claim statistics for tree surgeons and comparing them with last year’s, and we’ve seen a 38% increase in claims. Particularly worrying is the rise in chipper claims. Last year there were 8 claims for stolen chippers, but  that number has increased to 19 and that doesn’t include the 4 chippers that were stolen and recovered.

Unfortunately, crime is on the increase nationwide and I don’t think that there are many people who appreciate this fact more than insurers and tree surgeons! Certainly we recommend that you be vigilant against theft and take the necessary steps to secure your premises.

A large number of thefts are from site however, when guys have been working in the back garden and their chippers and tools have been stolen from the front. It’s important to ensure tools and machinery are secured when they’re out of sight because it’s shocking how quickly and opportunistic thieves can be.

We can only hope for a better year in 2019, but unless the “powers that be” enforce proper punishments and increase the amount of staff fighting crime, we are likely to see even more thefts going forward.

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