Confirmation of Liability Cover during current lock down

This was posted by on March 24th, 2020

Good Afternoon,

I can confirm that our clients who have motor insurance, public liability & Employers insurance for tree surgery/forestry are covered. We have no policy exclusion for disease cover. Any claimant would have to prove that they received the illness while at work and then our policy would respond indemnify our clients.

Policy wordings will always follow government advice however, the current advice is stay at home if you can, well as an industry you cannot as your work is outside, so we can confirm you are covered!

I must add that if the government says you cannot leave your home under no circumstances due to the virus, this would then enforce you to stop working. We will then arrange a suspension of liability policies so that you do not financial lose out. For clarity this is just in relation to liability insurance. Plant will still be stolen so our advice is to retain this cover, we had two thefts overnight and you will still need your vehicle insured to drive to the shops, doctors etc so we would suggest retaining this cover.

I believe that the confusion has come from a newspaper article which is talking about business interruption not covering clients.

So just to confirm tree surgeons, forestry contractors and landscape contractors are covered with our policies.

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