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Another Great Year for Trust Insurance!!!
We’d like to welcome 3 New members of staff to the Trust Family.

Our UK & Irish book of business have again grown which goes to show that we are the Industries most respected name In Arboriculture and I’d like to thank all our clients and representatives that support us.

I’d also like to welcome 3 New Members to the Trust Family…Steffan, Jason, Phil.
It’s my 18th year at Trust (and I’ve also got the grey hair to prove it!!) every day still brings something slightly different and I meet and have met some very “Interesting Characters” it’s especially nice to put faces to names.
So if you haven’t already come and see me at the APF Show in September stand C1!

I’ve also noticed that we are the “go to people” specialists in Powerline + Railway as our competitors have started declining these type of risks…
One client who has come to me this year picked up a Large Railway contract but his existing policy refused to extend the cover and he had to cancel mid- term and was charged excessively for cancellation.

As we all know Arboriculture is classed as a high risk occupation and Claims do arise from Time To Time .

Interesting fact below from the Hse
-The forest industry is one of the most dangerous sectors in which to work in the UK.
In the five years up to March 2012, there was an average of 10.4 fatalities per 100,000 workers. This is more than three times the fatality rate for the construction industry.

This year in particular we have also seen a rapid increase in the Theft of plant and machinery.

Handy Link above to check to see how safe your area is.
Can you afford not to Insure your Kit?

We’ve noticed that other Insurers have stopped offering a New For Cover on plant and machinery unlike ourselves.
This is due to the increase in burglaries and claims of Hand tools being stolen from vehicles.

I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to secure your equipment when not in use and to also keep up-to date inventories.
A potential client came to me the other day and unfortunately he had “all” of his equipment stolen..
He had been insured with his previous company for over 10 year.
His policy was not for new for old and he was insured or as he thought for a set value amount,(this had never been amended) but after excesses being deducted and depreciation he was overly under insured and a staggering £17,000 out of pocket. (A harsh lesson to learn)

I’m more than happy to discuss clients tools and values and I have access to Stihl/Husqvarna/Timberwolf/Schleisling/Forst/Greenmech +other manufacturers prices.

Safe practice

I’ve enclosed some helpful attachments for you directly from the HSE.
If help is required for Health & Safety remember our Legal Policy we offer to all clients can assist you.

Until the Next time!!!

Cameron Yeo

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