Gender Neutral

Insurers became gender neutral after the European Court of Justice ruled it unlawful to use gender as a rating factor when determining premiums and benefits of insurance. Whilst historically women have often enjoyed lower premiums when compared to men, what's not so clear is how this change in legislation will effect premiums in future.

Countries such as Italy and France all operate a gender neutral rating structure and a number of UK insurers have looked towards their wealth of statistics and information to try and ensure that changes to ratings do not further impact on operating profits or losses.

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Health and safety challenges for Commercial landlords

It is generally accepted by landlords that where there are multiple tenants in a property, the landlord will retain responsibility for common areas. However, In some cases, duties falling upon landlords and tenants can overlap, with both parties having co-existing duties in relation to health and safety issues.

The party in control will usually be the party with responsibility. Control however can often be difficult to determine. It is therefore important for landlords to ensure that their leases clearly set out who has the control and who is responsible for what in terms of health and safety. The greater the extent of control the landlord exercises over the leased premises, the greater the potential liability.

In terms of Health and Safety a commercial landlord should ensure they understand their duties in respect of:

  • Fire Safety
  • Refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems
  • Asbestos
  • Electrical Safety
  • Gas safety
  • Generally

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