Drop Zone Posters

This was posted by on October 10th, 2017

Dear Clients,

We hope by now those people that have employers liability insurance held with us for Tree surgery or forestry contracting have received there “drop zone” poster

We decided to arrange this due to the nature of injuries we are seeing on a regular basis involving ground crew when working under the canopy of a tree surgeon.

We are of course there to pay for the injured party however it is the effect we have seen on the families involved that no monetary payment can repay! With this in mind we do hope that it will make the ground crew think before entering the drop zone as ultimately it is them that end up hurt.

We have experience of life changing injuries to our clients ground crew, so we hope this will remind them of the dangers

Please stay safe!

Below is a link to the poster should you want to hand it out to staff as a flyer

A2 Poster

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